Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hate Grocery Shopping

Well, I am sitting here preparing a grocery list. This is the part I absolutely hate about food and cooking. The cost of groceries is so unbelievably high, and I wish I were in an environment where I could grow my own veggies. I suppose I could grow them here, but it would be a whole new way of learning how to do it. I think I will try to grow some in large pots out on the patio. It may be time to start growing greens and herbs. I've got a crock pot of great northern beans cooking with some wakame seaweed and a touch of olive oil. Since discovering how to make good beans in the crock pot two weeks ago, I am now planning on doing this and freezing a supply so they'll always be on hand for cooking up interesting recipes and meals.

With colds and flues and the like going around this time of year, I also am amazed at a new remedy I discovered that knocked out my sinus infection/cold in one day. I put some honey in one teaspoon and sprinkle 3-4 shakes of cayenne pepper onto it (about 1/8 tsp.) and then just swallow it down with one swallow. Wham bam, slam, next day no runny nose, no stuffy nose, and no runny eyes. It's marvelous friends. I am doing this a few times a day to keep germs away. I think it's actually helping with inflammation and arthritis as well.

Okay, on to the grocery list now. Wish me luck!

The Veganishta

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