Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Leftover Lunch for Life

Last week, The Veganishta made tofu tacos for the hubby and herself, me! We liked them. I cut the tofu in little squares, but next time I think I'll crumble it to be like ground (uggghhh . . . shh.... meat).  The flavors and all the toppings with the seasoned tofu were very good. I was super, super disappointed, however, to see that THERE WAS WHEY in the taco seasoning mix. Now, why in the world would whey or milk be necessary? I will definitely be making up  my own seasoning mix for the future tacos of The Veganishta household. I didn't die, though. I'm still here, really. LOL

So, the next day, I was in a hurry for a good lunch. I had to get my veggies in. I took the leftover taco makings and threw them all back in a little olive oil in the skillet (including the lettuce), added some garlic, and a huge handful of spinach. I sauteed everything a few minutes, then poured it in a bowl. Then I added some Chia seeds, some Hemp seeds, and some raisins. Oh, I also added some leftover cooked quinoa and barley. Wow! It was a power-house lunch. I had so much energy that entire afternoon and into the evening. This dish had that very satisfying hot/sweet flavor along with all the needed veggie nutrients and added protein to boot. I can't wait to make it again. 

A Very Veganishta Thanksgiving Turkey

Hey there, friends of the blog world. The Veganishta finally completed publishing two client books, now being printed and turning out super! Now that all the busy book work is done, I had some time to create a couple little edible masterpieces. For Thanksgiving I made a tofu turkey with stuffing, inspired by a recipe on Vegweb.com. I could not believe how easy it was to mold, stuff, bake, and even slice up the servings. I modified the recipe somewhat to my tastes and will probably do so again when I try it again. Nevertheless, it did turn out very good. In fact, I cut only one-third of the roasted mold to take to dinner at a friend's house. I had heard there would be one more vegan, so I cut enough for two people. As it turned out, seven (7) people wanted to try it, so I had to slice it up accordingly. Amazingly, they all liked it. The texture was pretty good, and with all ingredients combined, it tasted like Thanksgiving turkey with the stuffing and all the usual flavors one would expect. So now, I will be embarking on a Christmas Eve Ham experiment. I'm excited.