Friday, July 9, 2010

Time Flies In and Out of the Kitchen

Sorry I have not blogged since last Sunday. I was so busy this week with a new book project and also had a two-day setback due to some kind of stomach bug. I don't know what it was, except that it might have been from eating some salad at a restaurant last Monday afternoon. But now I'm back on track and just made a grocery shopping trip and picked up some more fruit, lettuce, tomatoes, and a few other items. It is hot here today--feels more hot due to the humidity and the monsoons kicking in. Looks like we might have a storm.

For lunch today I threw together some rice with a little bit of lentils, some broccoli, some butternut squash, corn, green beans, and carrots. I sprinkled my curry powder and tumeric on it and some olive oil and that did the job. I've been craving apples for days because I ran out of them. If they're not in the house, it seems strange. So I bought some more apples and also some nectarines to enjoy for snacks.

I will have to post a new recipe soon with pictures but, for now, this is it. I'm back to my editing job and graphic design tasks this evening. I'll be seeing a client tomorrow morning so I need to finish up.

Happy Kales,

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