Monday, June 28, 2010

Tofu—It Really is a Wonder Food

Happy trails it is, as yesterday I made my first batch of fried tofu, seasoned with lite soy sauce, tahini, some tumeric, and cayenne pepper. I was so pleased with the end result. I fried it just like Christina Pirello, as she demonstrated the other night on her TV show "Christina Cooks." I will have to write her a nice fan letter soon! My husband and mother both tried a bite of the tofu and both liked it. They were amazed at the texture and delicious flavors. Not bad for a meat substitute! I neglected to take a photo of my plate, however, a habit I must fine tune. We also ate roasted red potatoes and carrots with Italian seasonings and olive oil. Then I made a nice cold, sliced cucumber, red onion, and Roma tomato salad, marinated in rice vinegar, a dash of olive oil, and a few drops of Stevia! The entire combo made for a nice "veganishta" dinner.

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